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TikTok: Why Rapper Keemokazi Arrested? Check Police Arresting Him Video Wiki Biography Family


It seems that Social Media and controversies have an indispensable relationship with each other. Ever since Social Media reached its pinnacle it is leading some of the weird incidents that happen quite often nowadays, but it would be also wrong to blame these platforms as these are for our convenience, but some of the smart people make it a hassle for other. Well among all other platforms Tik Tok is considered one of the controversial social networking applications. As a matter of fact, numerous youngsters fall into severe quarrels by making experimental videos. Recently, one of the Tik Toker Keemokazi got arrested this morning.

Rapper Keemokazi arrested

Well, according to the latest reports, Keemokazi is a Tik Toker and a rapper from Los Angeles. The news has been confirmed through his official Instagram account. A video of Tik Toker getting busted by the cops and making him sit in the Police car with the handcuffs on. A long caption has been written with the video that reads ‘Keemokazi was arrested this morning in Los Angeles’. It further reads that we don’t have any information regarding the matter. They will keep updated us about the entire arrest. The note has been written by the management.

More on Keemokazi well he is leading a luxurious life, along with a tik toker he is also a rapper. He gained more than 20.8 million followers on his Tik Tok account. He is one of the popular Tik Toker at the present time. He mostly posts his singing, dancing, and lip-sync videos. Along with that he also posts some prank videos on his official account. His latest song titled ‘Sing of My City’ got a wonderful response from the listeners. Along with Tik Tok, he also has a YouTube channel with 609K subscribers.

The video of his arrest is getting viral like a wildfire all over the internet and everyone is getting curious about the complete matter. There isn’t much information available on his arrest and his Instagram account isn’t updated yet with the next information. In addition to this Keemokazi is 18 years old. His real name is Kareem Hesri. He was born in 2002, he has five sisters. Her mother name is Nina Hazem and there isn’t much information available about her profession.

He began his career on Sound Cloud and gained much popularity over the year. We will get back to you with the next update. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information on the Keemokazi arrest.


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