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TikToker Rita De Crescenzo Dies Check Cause Of Death How Did She Died


The year witnessed the shocking death of various popular Tik Tokers. Sadly, another one has gotten added to the list. Yes, we are talking about Rita De Crescenzo. A piece of disheartening news is coming forward where it is stated that the internet sensation has died on Saturday, September 4, 2021. The news is quite upsetting as Rita was quite active on her account and entertained the followers. Now, the death news has totally shaken every single fan of the Tik Tok star. Along with paying their heartfelt tributes, the general public is wondering what was Rita De Crescenzo’s cause of death.

Rita De Crescenzo

Popularly known as “Crazy Woman”, Rita belonged to Naples. She was known for the creative content or videos that she used to upload on her account. Rita’s quirky clothes never failed to garner attention while her outstanding make-up skills was something that stood her out of the crowd. Now, this bright young lady has passed away in a very shocking incident. As per reports, Rita De Crescenzo was feeling quite uneasy and as a result, she fell to the ground and collapsed. It happened in Naples, her hometown, that concerned her close ones.

It is further reported that the heartbreaking incident took place in front of a church named Pietà dei Turchini. As soon as the popular star fell on the ground, the doctors rushed to her and tried to calm her down as she was feeling uneasy. Later, she was taken to Ospedale del Mare where she was put under observation. After the incident, several reports are coming forward with their respective theories. Some people are stating that Rita was suffering from a severe illness while some are saying that she could be suffering from seizures. National Daily report also gestured towards the mentioned possibilities.

Police of the area has also started their investigation regarding the case. Talking of the incident, it has come ahead of that Rita De started feeling terrible. She cried for help that made the people around her worried about her health. She was quickly transferred to the above-mentioned hospital. However, as per the information of memes random, the Tik Tok star couldn’t get saved and passed away on the morning of Saturday. Her family and friends have not responded to the shocking death news of the star yet. Their response is eagerly awaited as it will confirm Rita De Crescenzo’s death. Stay tuned to Social Telecast for further information on the devastating news.


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