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TikToker T Nathan Lokius Got Arrested? Check Reason Unknown Facts Wiki Biography Age Crime


There is no doubt that TikTok has given fame to so many unknown faces and the short clip entertainment platform has become one of the best entertainment sites that people can’t get bored off because millions of people are having profiles and every single person wants to be a hot potato on the internet and no doubt everyone is trying their best to bring something new so that people will force to push the follow button. Well, there is another personality named T Nathan who hit milestones in the terms of followers and became a star overnight.

T nathan

People are getting curious to know that who is T Nathan and why he got arrested? Everyone is searching about him because everyone wants to know about the face who got a massive fan following in just a single night. We would like to tell you that T NATHAN LOKIUS is one of the famous users on TikTok and he is famous for his videos where he seems to voice his opinion on the news that trends everywhere. Coming on her arrest news so as you all know that fake news is the one that reads by millions in a single hour and spreads like a forest fire and saying this won’t be bad that innocent readers will be forced to share the news because how do they know if a news is fake.

Who Is T Nathan?

Troy Nathan Lokius or T Nathan is a TikTok user who keeps two accounts that go by the user name @tnathan_lokius and @the_savage_lokius. The creator is also on Twitter by the name TNathan L. Fairley @l_tnathan. The amazing thing about him is, he has millions of followers on his both TikTok accounts so getting news viral is just expected if the news is about him or getting viral through him. The news was started to surface that T Nathan got arrested and people started to search if it true or not.

However, T Nathan got arrested but the arrest was made on June 6, 2014, due to some of his old criminal records and the news where it was said that T Nathan got arrested on Wednesday, September 8, 2021, in Mississippi was just a piece of fake news and it had been viral by some of the users or better say lovers of him who just read the news but did not read completely and think before spreading it. Well, there is much detail you can read about him if you want to read about him deeply, but we just want to make a request not to spread such news without getting their reality.


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