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Tim Cable Cause of Death Tri-Cities Broadcaster Dies Check Wiki Biograhpy Age


The Very sad incident is coming in front of the people which has shocked everyone that Tim Cable- legendary and well-experienced Tri-Cities broadcaster has passed away. Ever since the incident has come to notice of everyone, there has been an atmosphere of sorrow among his family, friends, and close ones. Everyone is surrounded by a wave of sadness because in this way his demise has given a big shock to his close ones. Many statements are coming from his family regarding his cause of death, get to know more check the comprehensive details given below.

Tim Cable

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Tim’s wife has unleashed that he has passed on this weekend after being medically treated with health complications from the deadly virus. Till now no announcement or news of his funeral has not come to the light, it is being reported, that Tim has started his career as Radio Broadcaster. For a long time, he worked in radio and was liked as anchoring of sports activities and weather on Route-11 Wjhl- TV. Later, he made a feature series titled “Cable Countries” where he used to present his close people, and places throughout Johnson City.

Recently, Tim had shifted his profession to radio back where he was seen as the host of the morning hours show on the WJCW radio channel. even he has also been heard many times talking about the sports, where he used to talk about local sporting events. At the starting of August 2021, Tim was diagnosed with a deadly virus due to which he had to admit to the hospital so that, his treatment could start at the right time. Because the virus is too contagious and transfers easily in human bodies, hence, he did not want to take any chance and made himself admitted to the hospital.

It is being said, Tim’s wife was keeping her eyes on all the activities that were happening in the hospital during his treatment. She even connected with her relatives and close friends and informed them from time to time about his health. But unfortunately, he is no longer among us which is quite shocking and made everyone shattered who was close to him. Therefore, his all relatives and fans are paying tribute to him on social media through Twitter. Because only it is the platform where they can express their feelings of sorrow, may God gives rest in peace to his soul (RIP).


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