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Titli Latest Written Update 10 August 2023


The latest written update on today’s episode of Titli 10 August 2023. The episode starts with the scene when Garv gets the jewellery back from the goon and threatens them the goon leaves there and all get relieved then Baa gets dizzy and Grav cares for her and returns the jewellery to Baa and then all praise Garv he comes on the time whenever they are in the problem and then Garv also assure them nothing will happen to the family and he asks Chintu of he is fine and he says yes.


Garv says he will handle everything and tells and then he goes out but Titli remains confused with his personality Garv says she could not be able to understand him because he cares for his family but he raised his hands on her and then Grav comes out and paid to goon but they are asking for money and then Garva says he is paying for beating them but beat them again and asks how they dare to touch his wife.

Paresh gives the house papers to Garv and says no need for this then they all say we do not have the right to your money and could not take it like that so keep this paper and praise you for always supporting us like son then Titli asks Garv if he was involved with goons and Garv thinks Titli did not hear anything therefore he starts to lie to her.


Titli and Garv argue with each other and he says I love so you much but you have no value in my love and never understood his feeling then and he asks her to not create drama then Titli says she loves him so much and maybe her voice does not reach him and then Grav races the car at speed and asks Titli if she forgives him and he continuously asking this to her with the speeding car then Titli looks truck and says yes she forgives him and then Garv stops the car and says he knows that she would forgive and says I know you love me too then they reached home and Garv says to hide the scar and Titli gets to remain in confusion with Garv dual personality.

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