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(TMS) The Masked Singer Australia AU 3 (2021) Who Is Pavlova? September, 19th Episode


The popular singing reality show titled “The Masked Singer Australia Season 3” has been getting immense attention from the viewers. Premiered on Monday, September 13, 2021, the show witnessed Osher Gunsberg returning as the host. Ever since the show began, the spectators are taking a lot of interest in finding out about the masked singers. It won’t be an exaggeration to state that everyone has turned into an unofficial detective. Well, recently, the netizens unmasked one contestant of the show going by the name Pavlova. Find out who is Pavlova here in this article.

The Masked Singer Australia 2021 pavlova

Recently, internet users figured out about Pavlova’s identity. However, the clues or the hints of Pavolva started in the first episode of the show only. The celebrity contestant presented themselves as “as sweet as they look”. It was also hinted that they love the kitchen. Besides, the viewers also got plenty of French references along with a glimpse of the WA flag. It indicated that they have been in the business for quite some time now. Pavlova also hinted that the dream came to them when they were still young. Well, after Pavlova’s clue package, everyone started thinking about the possibilities of the celebrity lurking under the mask.

The judging panel Jackie O, Dave Hughes and Dannii Minogue seemed to have different ideas and guesses about the possible person hidden under the costume. Danni went ahead and guessed that Pav could be an incognito Isla Fisher while Dave Jackie O guessed that they could be Melissa George, Home and Away actress. Nevertheless, internet users have seemed to have other ideas after watching Pav’s clues. Connecting the dots, the users were convinced that Pavlova was on one but Anna Gare. Twitter user Matt Layton considered each hint including WA flag, Well Known Cook, Musician and concluded that they could be AnnaGare.

Undoubtedly, many netizens believed that Anna Gare, the popular musician and Aussie cook, was behind the mask and how she perfectly fit the criteria. Well, these are just theories and guesses as celebrity masks will be revealed in today’s episode of The Masked Singer Australia AU only. So far, two celebrities have gotten unmasked going by the names Duster and Volcano. Where Duster is controversial Television chef George Calombaris, Volcano is a former footballer and an actor, Vinnie Jones. Now, it would be really interesting to watch who comes out under the mask of Pavlova. Stay tuned with us!


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