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Today’s ANNS Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th June 2021: Nandini Surprises Rajvi Written Episode


The upcoming episode of Apki Nazro Ne Samjha begins where Rajvi and Vipul’s wedding anniversary is being celebrated by the entire family, meanwhile, Parul and Chetan come and says that they will make this evening more memorable and dance too. Then they praise Rajvi and Vipul for dance, and they start performing and there is no place for their happiness, Meantime all couples start dancing together with them. But the main attractive thing that Nandini and Darsh dance up to the end of the party.

Today's ANNS Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 9th June 2021: Nandini Surprises Rajvi Written Episode

Then everyone claps for them but spontaneously Vanlata starts criticizing by saying that Shobit and Gunjan also dance well, and if once they will watch them so they can not shift their eyes a bit for them. But Shobit is paying attention towards her because his all attention is on Nandini and Darsh because, at any cost, he does not want to see them together. Therefore he does not feel like dancing with Gunjan but they insist on him and unwillingly he would have to go for a dance.

After that, they start dancing but due to Shobit’s flaws their performance gets ruined and meanwhile, Chetan says that it’s better that they come back from the stage. Then he invites Darsh & Nandini for dance by saying that under their guidance they can perform well. But Shobit does not like his perception, and during their performance, Shobit and Gunjan also start dancing together. But his gestures indicate his jealousy and by mistake, he gets fallen on the surface.

Then all guests along with their family praise Nandini and Darsh because their moves seem extra-ordinary, and extempore Chetan says that this kind of performance requires more practice. Inwardly, Shobit expresses his rage because but he is helpless and can not do anything and the meantime, Gunjan says that she brought too expensive a gift for Rajvi through which she will definitely grab their attention. Inwardly, she gets happy by saying that nothing happens with dance because now the gift will show its magic.

Then she goes to give her gift to Shobit and they get shocked to see her gift because it’s a diamond ring which cost around 2 lacks. Spontaneously Darsh comes there along with Nandini and calls Rajvi and she turns but by mistake, their ring gets fallen from her hands, and after seeing this Shobit gets angry because Darsh grabbed her all attention. Then he executes his present for Rajvi and reveals that Nandini was learning English so that, she can give a speech for Rajvi on the stage. So do not forget to watch it on StarPlus at 07:00 PM and for more updates stay connected with us.


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