Home Entertainment Today’s Anupamaa Written Update 16th July 2021: Pakhi Gets Influenced By Kavya

Today’s Anupamaa Written Update 16th July 2021: Pakhi Gets Influenced By Kavya


In the latest episode of Anupama, we have watched that Kavya challenges Anupama for a dance face-off. Anupama accepts her challenge. They both give a wonderful dance performance and all the family members are watching them. After the competition ends, Kavya asks who give the best performance. But Pakhi is bemused and failed to come to any sort of conclusion. Anupama looks at her and says she lost and Kavya was best and she wants that Pakhi learns to dance from Kavya. Baa says Pakhi can tell us who is the better dancer, but Anupama is the best mother to teach her daughter. Only a mother can easily accept her defeat even after her victory just because of her children.

Today's Anupamaa Written Update 16th July 2021: Pakhi Gets Influenced By Kavya

Everyone leaves, Kavya again starts provoking Pakhi that Anupama again get a chance to become great in front of the family members. She further says Anupama already knew about her dance academy’s hectic schedule and she can’t manage with the time for you. Just because of that she put all the responsibility on her. She further says Pakhi to not worry as she is here along with you. She will teach her dance even better than Anupama.

Kinjal comes to Anupama and informs Anupama that Kavya is provoking Pakhi as she instigates her before. Samar is also there says how can Pakhi gets trapped in the jargon of Kavya even after knowing her reality. Anupama says Pakhi is at such a stage of life where it is difficult to differentiate between right and wrong. Anupama says let’s Kavya do what she wants to do it all go in vain. Anupama returns to her room and gets emotional thinking she is doing her best but still, things aren’t getting settled.

Kavya also returns to her room and asks Vanraj how does he like her dance. Vanraj says it was superb. Vanraj further says it is good that you are trying to hone Pakhi and your relationship but just don’t spoil Pakhi’s relationship with Anupama. Vanraj leaves and Kavya thinks that she forgets to ask Vanraj about the new cafeteria. Anupama there tries to talk to Pakhi, but she tries to avoid her. Later, everyone gets in arranging the cafeteria. Anupama’s mother also praised Anupama for her success and hope best for her. But just then Kavya comes there and starts criticizing the furniture of the Cafeteria. The entire family gets busy decorating the cafeteria while Kavya fumes seeing working them together. The episode ends, get Anupama written episode update here at Social Telecast.


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