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Today’s Apna Time Bhi Aayega (ATBA) 23rd June 2021 Episode Rani Has Come Back To Her House


In tonight’s episode, you will watch, Rani has come back to her house where Ramo asks her where she was as everyone was worried about her. Rani sits there and starts to cry, Pinku hugs her and tries to console her saying she is his strong sister, Don’t cry try to be strong, soon your time will come. Rani continues to cry, Dadi also comes to her and says her to cry as the tears will wipe her pain out from herself. Dadi says her to keep patience as everyone is with her, Ramo hugs her.

Apna Time Bhi Aayega

There Veer packs his bag, Vikram comes to him and asks where he was last night? Veer says I went to do what you said to me, Vikram says what? Veer tells him that he went to Rani to talk and make things clear but that was a mistake because she does not want to even listen clearing things is so far. Vikram tries to talk to him but Veer denies listening to him as he is tired and says that he will finish it soon, Vikram leaves.

The next morning Vikram goes to Rani where Ramo says him to leave and tells him that there are not welcome in this house. Rani tells him that once he came to her and that was the last time when they were good friends but after that a relation of in-laws tied with them, and he will be special for her always. Vikram tells her that they all are going to Jaipur, Rani smiles and says it is good news for everyone. He shows her a letter and says that his brother gave him this for her. Vikram says please read it, Rani reads that letter, Veer writes, He does not know what she is but she is not what she used to be for him as everything between them has ruined, and he can’t fix what has happened but going away seems to be a better option to end everything and he is going far from Baliya.

After so many things Rani recalls the moments that she has spent with him. She smiles and says that Veer made her feel so special. She says we were tied with a strange connection that was making a strong feeling that we are not going to leave each other. Veer reminds the last night and gets shocked thinking how can he did that. The episode ends here, stay tuned to get more updates on the show.


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