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Today’s Barrister Babu 9th July 2021 Written Episode: Bondita Is In Love With Anirudh?


Barrister Babu written episode starts with Bihari asking Bondita if he can ask her something. Bondita asks him if he wants money. He denies it and tells her that he wants his old Anirudh back. Bihari continues that for 8 years Anirudh has not even smiled properly. Bondita gets sad and tells Bihari that she can’t do anything as Anirudh had asked her not to show her face ever again. She says that Anirudh hates her and she doesn’t know if she can do something to bring the old Anirudh back. Bihari reminds her that she never listened to others so why is she getting affected now.

Barrister Babu 9th july 2021

Bihari tells her that Anirudh always liked the brave Bondita who didn’t fear speaking up. He pleads with her to help to bring old Anirudh back. Bihari begins to cry and leaves. However, Bihari drops a letter. Bondita picks it up and reads the quote inside. She thinks that Durga Maa is indicating her to get back in the life of Anirudh. On another side, Anirudh is seen in his office. He notices a shadow is following him. He angrily asks them to go away. Bihari comes and hands the letters to Anirudh. Bihari informs Anirudh that he collected the letters from the post office.

Anirudh thanks him and asks if the kids are done with the food. Bihari nods. Meanwhile, Bihari prays that Bondita doesn’t give up and just come in front of Anirudh. On another side, Bondita tries to study but couldn’t concentrate. She doesn’t understand why is she feeling like not studying. Little Bondita appears and tells her that she lost her heart somewhere. Bondita gets shocked seeing her and tells her that she has no idea what is she saying. Bondita continues that ever since she read Anirudh’s letter she wants to know how is he doing and can’t think anything besides that.

Young Bondita tells her that she is feeling this way because she has fallen in love with Anirudh. Bondita refuses to accept it. She says that she just recepts him and nothing else. Little Bondita asks her to think about him and to take his name with love and affection. If by doing so, music begins to play inside her heart then its’ love. Bondita does the same and to her surprise, it happens. She recalls the moment spent with Anirudh and her cheeks get red while her heartbeat becomes faster. Stay tuned to know what happens next in 9th July 2021 episode of Barrister Babu.


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