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Today’s Barrister Babu Latest Episode May 17th 2021: Guru Maa Ruins Anirudh’s Letter


The recent episode of Barrister babu begins where Guruma announces that Bondita will do whatever she will assign her because Anirudh is standing ahead of her, so deliberately she says. Meanwhile, mentions that God will save her from the evil eyes and decides to create a new chapter of Bondita’s life. At the same time, Guruma says that she will make sure Bondita’s study and mentions that housework is the first study for her, and declares that no one will stop her while working.

Today's Barrister Babu Latest Episode May 17th 2021: Guru Maa Ruins Anirudh's Letter

Then Trilochann also comes to Anirudh and sees all circumstances which Bondita is facing, meanwhile, Guruma orders her that she has to make a hearth with help of dung. After hearing this Bondita gets shocked and wonders that how could she do this, because it stinks. But she clears that she has to do all works without making any excuse, whatever she will assign her because that all will be the part of her study and too essential for all girls.

After that, Guruma gets a letter that Anirudh sends for Bondita and without reading she tear it, and says that she will not make them meet each other at any cost. No matter what happens, she expresses her rage by saying that she should not get any letter or message from him without her permission. She determines that at any cost she will not let him go, and will ruin him completely. Because she has already said to them that she does not like any people who belong to Tulsipur.

Then Anirudh promises himself that he will bring her back for sure because he wants to make her barrister and quite graduate in the future. So that she can not depend on anyone else, but now the circumstances have overturned totally which are affecting her study. Hence he does not agree to make her stay there, even Bondita is thinking the same because if everything is going on the same, so she won’t able to fulfil his dream which is not appropriate enough.

After seeing this kinda behaviour of Guruma he is getting angry because no one has a right to do such a worst behaviour with Bondita. But he is unable to do anything in Bindita’s favour because she has banned all sides. Because of which he can not go inside even if he wants, and on another side, Bondita’s health gets down due to tension. So now it’s interesting to watch that at what type of step he will take, so do not forget to watch it on Colors at 08:30 Pm.


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