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Today’s Barrister Babu May 18th 2021 Check Written Update: Anirudh Sends A Tape Recorder To Bondita


In the latest episode of Barrister, Babu viewers are going to watch some drama. Tonight’s episode of the show starts with, Thakumaa goes to Bondita and ointments her, Bondita says why are you doing this drama because first you hurt me and now you are here to salve all the wounds of me. Thakumaa says just leave these books and then see how much I love you, Bondita replies that she can’t leave the books, she also says that I don’t want to take help from you I don’t have the rights to take that so you should not come just to make your image clear in my eyes.

Today's Barrister Babu May 18th 2021 Check Written Update: Anirudh Sends A Tape Recorder To Bondita

There Trilochan says to Anirudh that Thakumma won’t let you go to Bondita. Anirudh says that she will not be able to stop me as he will make another way to get Bondita, I won’t let Bondita be alone. Meanwhile, Batuk comes there and he hugs Anirudh and Trilochan. Both of them ask him how he got here, they see Sampoorna and get angry.

Anirudh says to him that you have to go back. He says that Binoy sent me here he been to Rangoon for some work. There Thakumaa says to him to sit. She goes to Bondita to help her she further says that if one gets an injury so the entire family gets affected by that. In the next scene, Bondita says Kamla to take some rest as she will do the entire work Kamla leaves.

Thakumaa comes to Bondita and asks what you got in these herbs, Bondita replies that “I was separating these herbs so that you will not face any problem and I will help you because you wanted me to do chores”. Thakumaa gets happy to know that Bondita thinking about her, Thakumaa says “I will let you know about all herbs”.

There Sampoorna says that Bondita has lost her mind due to studies, she broke her wedding, even I am illiterate but I’m the wife of M Roy Choudhary. Thakumaa says you used to be a poor Munshi’s wife but you played with your clever mind and your bad behaviour made you Roy Choudhary. She scolds Sampoorna saying that a wife who can not have a scion can be changed at any time. There Bondita gets a note from the tape recorder. She follows the instructions.

Tapur hears her voice and finds her. Bondita thinks that the voice recorded in this I’ve to learn from this. Thakumaa stops Sampoorna and turns her hand She says that you are just like your mom because your mom kept Sumati and Bondita just because Bondita’s father had money, and when their money finished your mom showed her real side, just leave and go from here. The episode ends here. Stay connected to get all the complete episode update.


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