Home Entertainment Today’s Bharathi Kannamaa Written Episode Of 29th June 2021: Kannamma Finds Hema

Today’s Bharathi Kannamaa Written Episode Of 29th June 2021: Kannamma Finds Hema


The upcoming episode of Bharathi Kannamaa will begin where Bharathi is urging to police for CCTV footage of Krishna Nagar so that, he can get a glimpse of it meanwhile Venba arrives there and asks him about the CCTV footage. Then he says that he did not find anything and mentions that Hema tried to contact him but he could not pick the call. Meantime, Venba says that it’s too big a city and hard to find Hema, But Bharthi gets angry and says that she is telling him to go house instead of finding.

Today's Bharathi Kannamaa Written Episode Of 29th June 2021: Kannamma Finds Hema

Then he asks her why she came here meanwhile, Shanthi replies on behalf of her by saying that she was worrying about Hema hence, she brought her here. Then Bharathi rebukes her for inappropriate stuff, he says that he said everything so that, Kannamaa gets frustrated and tensed. Then Hema tries to make a noise and Shanthi makes Venba alert by saying that Hema could be here.

After that, Shanmugan asks Kannamaa to interrogate Soundarya that does she get any information about Hema. Then she replies that if she gets any information regarding Hema sho she will definitely make them inform. Meantime, Shanmugan gets a call from Bhagya, but he cuts the call and asks her to investigate her tomorrow. Another side, Kannamaa sits on the road while finding Hema.

Then Hema gets her voice and wants to make her alert but Kidnapper takes her in the car, and she hears this and stops on the way. Then Shanmugan asks her to sit on the bike but she refuses to sit and goes to the car to find Hema. Kannamaa gets Hema’s dress there and she shouts and Hema hears her voice and tries to stand up. Then Kannamma tries to make Hema understand, meanwhile Shanmugan informs her that the Driver is not there.

Then Goons reach there and notices them and asks that what is the matter, she informs there that a kid is stuck in their car, and they come to know that she is talking about Hema. Then she makes them convince to open the car and she gets Hema there and brings her out from there. Then clash happened there and Women’s hostel’s girl notice and rushes to make her save. Then all the girls fight with goons and make them save and sends them to the hospital. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time and for further details connect with us.


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