Home Entertainment Today’s Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 22nd May 2021 Update: Kannamma Beats Shanthi

Today’s Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 22nd May 2021 Update: Kannamma Beats Shanthi


In the latest episodes of Bharathi Kannamma, we are watching that Laksmi is appreciating Bharathi for look after her and fulfill all of her needs. Bharathi asks why is he thanking him. Lakhsmi replies that her mother taught her that we have to admire the person who stands beside us in our worst time. She reminds Bharathi of their first meeting in the village and then she tells her the condition of her mother. She also tells that you even take responsibility for my studies. Lakhsmi says that I considered you as my father.

Today's Bharathi Kannamma Written Episode 22nd May 2021 Update: Kannamma Beats Shanthi

Just then Venu comes and says you also considered me as your father. He further says Bharathi won’t mind if you take me as your father. But Venba starts fuming seeing that much concern for Lakshmi. Venu then suggests Hema and Lakshmi not breaking their friendship and stay together always. Shanthi there is planning along with Venba unveil about Lakhsmi and Hema’s mother. She says that everyone is aware of this truth except Bharathi. She says that if Bharathi comes to know this he will surely throw Laksmi out of this house. Shanti then planned to bring Kannamma here.

Venba gets ready to bring Kannamma and humiliate her. Shanthi calls Kannamma and asks her to come over. The next day everyone is preparing Hema and Lakshmi’s birthday. While they cutting the cake Kannama reaches there and she gets overwhelmed to see that both of her kids are enjoying celebrating her birthday. Kannamma is stealthily seeing everyone celebrating their birthday. Kannamma then sees Shanthi there and think it must be her plan to call her here to insult her. But just then Venu comes to her and asks her why are you standing over here stealthily. He says that you come and still don’t enter the house.

Venu asks if you come here to see your daughters, she says that Hema and Lakshmi will be happy to see you. While she is talking to him Bharathi comes and get shocked seeing Kannamma here. He even fumes seeing her there. But still, Kannamma greets him. While Venba and Shanthi are waiting for Kannamma. She is already prepared to tackle their plan. She covers her and thrashed her. We’ll get back to you with the latest episode of the show. You can enjoy all the episodes on Disney+Hotstar. Stay connected with Social Telecast and never miss any Bharathi Kannamma written update.


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