Home Entertainment Today’s Choti Sardaarni 26-6-2021 Full Written Update: Kulwant Provokes Karan

Today’s Choti Sardaarni 26-6-2021 Full Written Update: Kulwant Provokes Karan


The opening sequence of the Choti Sardarni begins with Gita distributes milk to all the kids. She also gives a milkshake to Param, but Param refuses to take it. Meher and Sarab come there and Gita leaves. All the kids inform them that Karan is quite furious and even tore all of his clothes. Meher asks them to enjoy their milkshakes. Meher says he was quite fine before school, something must have happened with Karan after school. Meher and Sarab go to Karan’s room. He angrily asks why did they come here. Sarab again asks what is wrong with you.

Choti Sardaarni 26-6-2021 Full Written Update: Kulwant Provokes Karan

Meher also asks Karan what has got into him, but Karan replies just like that and says he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. Meher then tells Karan about Sarab’s first wife and Param. She tells how she got married to Sarab and then you come into our life. Karan understood the things and hugs Meher and says he wants to sleep now, Meher takes him to the bed. Sarab says he hopes that his son will understand all the things we tell him. But Karan again throws tantrums and says he just want to sleep along with Meher.

Karan says asks Sarab to sleep in another room, Meher tries to convince her, but Sarab says he will sleep with Param and Seher. Karan says it would be better as you are only their father. Meher again tries to make him understand and says Sarab loves you the most. Meanwhile, Sarab comes to Meher and tells her that Param isn’t well and he is calling for you. Meher rushes to Param. Just then Gita comes there and says your grandmother wants to talk to you. Karan tells her that only Meher and you loves me. Kulwant says Seher also doesn’t love you. He says that she rushes to Param leaving him alone.

Karan says but Param isn’t well, Kulwant says he is just pretending things. Kulwant again tries to instigate Karan. Meher goes to Param and stands beside him, he is about to get Karan, but Param asks her to stay with him. Kulwant showing all this to Karan and says your mother even doesn’t love you. Karan comes to Meher and asks her to come along with him. Sarab asks to tell him what happens, but he yells and says he isn’t talking to him. Tai ji says he started showing what he actually is, Karan angrily leaves from there. Get all Choti Sardarni Written Episode here at Social Telecast.


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