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Today’s Dance Deewane 3, 19th September 2021 Episode Elimination & Spoilers Alert


There is no doubt that dance is a universal language that connects one person to another and this is the only doing which you can get interact with one person and sometimes a bunch as well and no doubt that there are plenty more television reality shows that are playing a very good role in our life by bringing dancing reality shows and promoting every culture’s dance. Well, there are plenty more dancing shows on Indian television but Dance Deewane is just love and centre for all dance lovers.

Dance Deewane 3 Today's episode

However, the makers of the show are leaving no stone unturned to attract the audience and therefore they bring every time something new kind of theme and also they invite guests so that audience of the show will be forced to stick to the screen. Well, the 3rd season of Dance Deewane is becoming more lovable as compare to its previous season, though in every season all the contestants were good the third season has turned hot in the terms of competition where all the participants or better to call Deewanes are giving a very tough competition where all of them have been managing to force the audience to bite their own nail. Well, talking about tonight’s episode of DD Season 3, so do you know that what happened on the set recently?

As you all must have watched all the promos and also the previous episode so you already know that the contestants of Khatron Ke Khiladi season 11 have arrived on the set as guests and after their presence on the set each and every single contestant present his dance form in a more energetic way to steal the heart of all the Khatron Ke Khiladi but one performance has set the stage on fire due to which Rohit Shetty got emotional.

Well, there is no doubt that DD3 is a reality show that is being loved by everyone and not just because of the performance but the jokes and fun on the set is playing a role of icing on the cake that is making people’s hearts happy. You must be keen to know that who brought a tear in Rohit’s eye. So, Saddam & Rupesh gives a tribute to all stuntmen through their performance which leads to the wet eye of Rohit Shetty then he goes and gives him warm hug saying it was the amazing performance he watched ever. To know more stay tuned with us and don’t forget to watch the complete episode tonight at the right time.


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