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Today’s Episode Chhoti/Choti Sardarni Written Episode (WU) 28th Nov 2019


Today’s episode of Chhoti Sardarni starts with Sarab who is asking Meher to trust him and go with him without asking any question as soon he will tell her everything which is happening. In the reply, Meher told Sarab that she has very much believed in him than herself. After that Sarab told his assistant that he is sending him an email which he has to print it in all the newspapers by tomorrow morning.

On the other hand, Kulwant and Rana try hard to get access to Sarab’s email account but both of them don’t know that the correct password to access his email and they got stuck and can’t read an email. But Kulwant did not give up and ask Rana to enter ‘Param’ in the empty column of the password. And unfortunately, when Rana enters the password, he got logged into Sarab’s account, and after that Kulwant tells Rana to send an email to the principal for the admission of Yuvi.

choti sardarni today's episode

In the next screen of Choti Sardarni episode, While Rana was sending mail to the school’s principal, he saw Sarab’s email and open that email and after reading that email both Rana and Kulwant got shocked as in the email it is written that Meher has died in a car accident. After reading that mail they decide to call Meher but unfortunately, Meher doesn’t answer her call.

On the other side, Sarab tells Meher that from tomorrow onwards her life is going to change, drastically. And Meher asks Sarab to buy some food items from the supermarket as she wants to make pizza for Param. But Sarab asks Meher that how she think about this decision. In reply she said, I am so excited as tomorrow I am going to be dead for the people and for my family members and tell her feeling to Sabar that everyone will forget her in some days. And in last, Meher asks Sarab that is he will miss her and in reply Sarab said, of course, yes, I can’t forget moments lived with you. Thank you guys, that’s all for the day. I hope you like the information regarding today’s Stat Plus Tv Serial Choti Sardarni.


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