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Today’s Ishk Par Zor Nahin IPZN Written Episode 15th June 2021: Ahaan Agrees To Get Married


The opening sequence in Ishk Par Zor Nahin begins with Ahaan says that Mayank lashes out on me in a drunk state. Ishqi also comes there and got hurt. Maasi says now, Mayank is revealing her real face. Maasi then leaves from there to make tea for them. Ahaan takes Ishqi along with him and asks if she really wants to leave the country. Ishqi appreciates her and says she is going just because of you. She fumbles and says that just because of you and Riya I got this job so she has to go for betterment. He wishes her luck to achieve her ambitions. Ishqi says she raises from ashes as she lost her everything.

Today's Ishk Par Zor Nahin IPZN Written Episode 15th June 2021: Ahaan Agrees To Get Marroed

]She then says that first you did it in anger and now doing in guilt. Ahaan apologised. Ishqi and Ahaan again get into an argument with each other. But later Ahaan again asks why is she going aboard. Ishqi replies she has lots of responsibilities that all have to be fulfilled and for that she needs money. Ahaan gets agreed with Ishqi. Just then Ahaan calls Mehta and asks him to announce the date of marriage and hung up the call. Ahaan again wishes luck to Ishqi and says hope she will bring happiness with the money.

Later, Mehta makes an announcement that he is going to fix Ahaan and Riya marriage date. While Mehta is announcing, Ishqi comes there to serve the drinks. Riya noticed Ishqi and asks her that you are our guest and she doesn’t like that you are working here. But Ishqi says that she is fine with this and staff is less either. Riya gets agreed and asks her to have a drink along with them. Ahaan gets furious and breaks the glass and it hurts Ishqi and starts bleeding. Ahaan again feels guilty and bring ice to her wound.

Ishqi sees that everyone is noticing them and gets away. Sonu also comes to help Ishqi. Just the music starts and Ishqi sees Ahaan. Just then Dadi goes to Mehta and asks them to make this marriage fast and they can’t wait for any more. Kartik asks what are you hustling. Dadi asks Ahaan to get agreed with the date. But Ahaan is seeing Ishqi but Ishqi leaves from there. Ahaan agrees everyone starts cheering and Ishqi sobs thinking of Ahaan. Tune in at 9:30 on Sony Tv for the complete episode. Get further Ishk Par Zor Nahi Written Update on Social Telecast.


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