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Today’s Ishq Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Update 22nd July 2021: Dadi Saves Herself Again


The latest episode of Ishq Par Zor Nahin starts with Ahaan is asking for clarification, the doctors reply that they will inform him soon. Just then the doctor checks all the files and tells him that all the transactions have been done by Mrs Durga Devi. At the same time, Dadi comes there and agrees that she make all the payments. Ahaan and Kartik are aghast hearing Dadi words. Ishqi comes there. Dadi tells Ahaan that she will tell him everything, she says that she is paying for the treatment of a patient. Ahaan says you should have informed me about all this.

Today's Ishq Par Zor Nahi (IPZN) Written Update 22nd July 2021: Dadi Saves Herself Again

Ahaan asks for whom treatment you were paying, she says it was your father, Veer Malhotra. Ishqi thinks no one can beat Durga Devi in lying. Dadi says that your father gets depressed after Savitri left and he got mentally affected. He was being treated in this hospital and I was paying. She further says that but Veer fled from there. Dadi again comes up with a fake story and says when he ran from the mental asylum and came to me and asked to meet Savitri. She says I tried to make him understand and his heart got broken.

Ahaan and Kartik try to console Dadi as she is showing her fake tears. While the doctor is amazing hearing Dadi’s cooked up story. Ishqi there thinks that the manager will surely disclose the truth. Ahaan says you better told us about all this. Dadi says she is paying for patients who are in need since your father got demised. Meanwhile, Ishqi comes there and asks Ahaan to listen to the manager at least once. Ahaan says enough is enough now.  Ahaan says can’t you see Dadi’s condition. Ahaan takes Dadi from there while Savitri is tensed for Ishqi.

Savitri is also worrying about Ishqi and Ahaan’s relation. She says Ahaan trusts Dadi more than Ishqi. Maasi says that Ishqi isn’t disclosing the things just for their sake. Massi then consolidates Savitri and says she knows Ishqi always fights for the truth. But Savitri says it won’t be easy for Ishqi either to disclose the truth as Dadi won’t let her unveil the truth so easily. She says if Dadi comes to know that Ishqi is doing all this she will make her life hell. Get the complete episode on Sony Tv at 9:30 PM today. Stay connected with Social Telecast for further Ishq Par Zor Nahin Written Update.


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