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Today’s Kerala Lottery Results Win-Win W-677 18.07.2022 Check Winning Numbers


Hello, all the fortunate aspirants or better-called money makers, finally your patience is going to end as the government of Kerala State is set to release the result of the “18h July 2022 WinWin W-677” lottery, which you all were impatiently waiting for. So just be ready to get the consequence because, everything has been ready, and therefore, as soon as the time is passing uncounted reaction of the aspirant started coming to the fore. Because everyone would like to get the result of their highly anticipated lottery soon, hence their interest is hitting the headlines. So below you could get everything you need to know along with accurate steps and further things.

Today's Kerala Lottery Results Win-Win W-677 18.07.2022 Check Winning Numbers

The government of Kerala State permits the department to sell lotteries under its province and therefore, almost everyone tries their luck in legal gambling to turn their destiny into luxury while providing the best life to their close ones. This is the reason, that whenever the department unleashes the lottery uncounted pay attention to get the ticket or enrollment, as no one could predict when their destiny favors them. Hence, no one would like to miss the chance, especially when, they are receiving a golden opportunity.

Kerala Lottery Results Win-Win W-677

If we talk about the history of Kerala State Lotteries, so the government established the lottery department of teh state in 1967 and it was the first legal gambling holder in entire India. Even the rights of selling lotteries had been taken by the government too so that, no losses could be spotted, and therefore, as soon as the time passed it received the immense pump in the manner of popularity. But the special thanks go to former Finance Minister of Kerala “Shri. P.K. Kunju” who conferred this brilliant idea to provide a strong source of income to civilians.

Lottery:- 18th July 2022 WinWin W-677

Prize List:-

  • First Prize: Rs 70 Lakhs
  • Consolation Prize: Rs 8000/-
  • 2nd prize: Rs 5 Lakhs
  • 3rd prize: Rs 1 Lakh
  • 4th prize: Rs 5,000/-
  • 5th prize: Rs 2,000/-
  • 6th prize: Rs 1000/-
  • 7th prize: Rs 500/-

The lottery department of Kerala State, unleashed 7 lotteries of the week along with different names which makes them split from each other, but the prize money holds the same amount, so therefore, you do not need to worry about anything. But, before matching the number of your lottery the aspirant must be made sure that they are containing the tickets of the same lottery otherwise it will be canceled by the department. So without getting afraid just check the result of your lottery and for more details stay tuned with us.


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