Home Entertainment Today’s Molkki 1-7-2021 Written Update: Virender Gets Intoxicated To Forget Purvi

Today’s Molkki 1-7-2021 Written Update: Virender Gets Intoxicated To Forget Purvi


The upcoming episode of Molkki will begin where the “Sangit Ceremony” takes place and all relatives are coming to join the function and Sudha also arrives there who is Purvi’s friend. But she gets shocked to see the preparations and starts interrogating Purvi that what is going on here. But Purvi makes her understand that she will tell her everything soon, meanwhile, the functions start and everyone starts enjoying. Anjali wonders that if Virender sees Purvi and Vipul together while dancing so he won’t able to bear it.

Today's Molkki 1-7-2021 Written Update: Virender Gets Intoxicated To Forget Purvi

Then she reaches to Purvi and urges her to dance with Vipul because it’s their ” Sangit Ceremony” and they will have to dance without making any excuse. Later, Purvi sees Virender and spontaneously starts dancing with Vipul, another side, Virender is coming down from the stairs. Then he sees them together and gets angry and feels jealousy meanwhile, he decides to stop them but suddenly he recalls Purvi’s wording and promises. So he stops himself to make them interrupt and imagines himself dancing with Purvi.

After a while, he comes back into reality and leaves the function angrily, and comes back to his room. Then he recalls all those moments which he spent with Purvi and getting angry to remember Vipul with her. He inwardly says that he can not see his “Purvi” with someone else and says that he is not able to forget Purvi. Then he decides to take some liquor so that, he can forget some memories of Purvi but he keeps on taking Purvi’s name because he is deeply intoxicated.

Another side, everyone is enjoying the function downstairs and extempore Virender comes there in the condition of intoxication. Suddenly he gets misbalanced and falls on the stairs while taking Purvi’s name, and Purvi rushes to save him and spontaneously she bumps with a waiter, and her leg gets injured but she does not care about it. Purvi gets worried to see Virender in this condition and she tries to make him awake but he does not respond to her.

Then she puts his head on her lap and tries to make him get up and everyone gets shocked to see her this kind of behaviour. Even his kids also getting worried to see the condition of their father, and when she sees that Virender is not responding to her so she confesses her love towards Virender in front of everyone. But no one expected this, and gets shocked, although he will normal soon. So do not miss to watch it on Colors at 10:00 Pm and for more information connect with us.


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