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Today’s Namak Issk Ka (NIK) Written Update 20th July 2021: Kahani Is About To Die


Let’s get started with the written episode of Namak Issk Ka. It begins with Satya. She thinks of heading to the hospital and meet the doctor here. She asks Yug to park his car as she wants to quickly shop for something. Meanwhile, Kahani tries to get in contact with Yug. She searches for the network and keeps calling Yug. Satya there reaches the hospital. However, the security doesn’t allow her to go inside. She tries to fool the guard by doing drama so that he let her enter inside. Later, Satya threatens the guards.

Today's Namak Issk Ka (NIK) Written Update 20th July 2021: Kahani Is About To Die

In the next scene, Dadi asks Rupa to prepare the delicious food and that there should be no mistake. Iravati says that Juhi will soon get married if this alliance gets fixed. While Dadi suggests that Iravati not burden Kahani with work, she is not well and might get unconscious. She asks her to take a rest. Saroj agrees with Dadi and says that Kahani undoubtedly needs some rest. Later, Gunjan meets Iravati and tells her about the bad health of Kahani.

Gunjan says that Kahani has gotten very sick and if it continued she might die soon. Iravati tells Gunjan that Yug will kick Satya out of the house today. She adds that Satya will be the one to fuel the issue while Kahani will be the one burning in it. Gunjan says that she has understood her plan with Satya but wants to know what has she thought about Kahani. Later, Yug phones Saroj and asks her whereabouts.

Yug asks if she went home as he cannot find her anywhere around the shop. Meanwhile, Iravati asks Gunjan to take care of Kahani and to make sure that she remains alive. Gunjan and Iravati see Saroj there and get shocked. Gunjan worriedly asks Saroj if she heard anything to which the latter shakes her head. She says that Yug is tensed as Kahani is missing for more than an hour. Yug is seen searching for Kahani everywhere.

He nags himself for leaving her here all alone. After a while, Kahnai manages to call Yug. She tells him her location and how Iravati has placed her in the basement but to her disappointment, Yug doesn’t hear anything. Later, Yug informs the police about Kahani and pleads with them to find her. While Satya comes out of the hospital. Yug gets relieved seeing Kahani there. Satya thinks that she will continue her act. Namak Issk Ka today’s episode ends here.


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