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Today’s Sirf Tum Written Update 1st Dec 2021 Episode: Ranveer Lashes Out At His Father


The 1st December 2021 episode of Sirf Tum begins where Ranveer expresses his rage towards his father and leaves the place as well, his mother feels pitty for both by thinking that God knows when their distance will be ended up. As soon as Ranveer reaches the college he starts beating his own friends by mentioning that Suhani is his res[possibility and if someone becomes the cause of her unhappiness then he will not let the person go at all no matter what happens, as recently she faced such a worst circumstances because of seniors.

Today's Sirf Tum Written Update 1st Dec 2021 Episode: Ranveer Lashes Out At His Father

At the same time, his friends try to make him understand that now they will not let anyone become the cause of her unhappiness, in his absence. So he does not need to worry at all, they will take care of her in the college, but despite this, Ranveer’s anger is not getting decreased. Still, Ranveer is thinking about Suhani because now only she can make his mood well, but on another side, Ansh is ready to execute his conspiracy against Ranveer hence, he is working in the bar because he knew that his father is about to come there, and therefore he works.

Sirf Tum Latest Updates 1st Dec 2021

As soon as Ranveer’s father comes, he gets shocked to see him with a lady and wonders that still, he is living his fantasy life. But despite this, he goes to him and tries to enhance his numbers. But Ranveer’s father overturns that entire game by dishonoring Ansh, in front of everyone. Ansh gets angry but helpless because he can not do anything against him, he listed to him and decides to leave the place otherwise, he will continue to dishonor him in front of everyone which is inappropriate enough. Because no matter what happens but he can not do anything against them.

Later, a photo of his parents falls down from his pocket and picks that but he is getting angry because his father is living his fantasy life without thinking about his mother. Then he reaches his home and asks his mother that she always prevented him from his father and made them away, because she knew everything about him. But he used to consider her wrong unless he did not know the reality of him, but now he feels blessed that he has distance from such a person whose character is not well. So watch it on Colors and for more details connect with us.


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