Home Entertainment Today’s Udaariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Throws Milk On Tejo

Today’s Udaariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Throws Milk On Tejo


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we will watch that Jasmin is flaming down all the presents gifted her by Fateh. Abhiraj shocks seeing her and tries to stop her. Jasmin says that Fateh’s doesn’t matter at all from now on. Rupy comes there and tries to console Jasmin. Rupy says you supposed to accept your mistake rather than getting angry even on your own mistake. Abhiraj says that you are not concerned about Tejo at all. He says that she made a sacrifice for all of us and especially for you. Gurpreet offers a necklace to Tejo and asks her to be dressed up.

Today's Udaariyaan 7th June 2021 Written Episode: Fateh Throws Milk On Tejo

She is preparing her for the Muh Dikhai ceremony, but Tejo replies that she hasn’t new clothes. She says that I brought the clothes I used to wear at my home. Gurpreet says that Satti is unaware of your sensibility. Nimmo says that she is quite unaware that Tejo still has to sit in the canopy along with Fateh after all this time instead of Jasmin. She says that we brought clothes according to Jasmin and gives a Saree to Tejo, but she refuses as it belongs to Jasmin. Nimmo says that Fateh also used to belong to Jasmin but still you both got married. So a Saree doesn’t matter at all.

Fateh there is going to hit the sack and reminisces Tejo’s words. He noticed that Tejo is approaching his room and pretends to sleep. Tejo also comes there and sleep. The next morning Fateh gets up and thinks of Jasmin. Just then Mahi calls Fateh, Khusbeer asks If Fateh wakes up. Fateh gets ready and comes downstairs. Khusbeer says that he is aware that you aren’t looking forward to it but still we have to perform this ritual. Just then Tejo comes and Fateh looks at her. She recalls the Jasmin Saree.

Fateh again sees Jasmin in Tejo, he gives a furious look to Tejo. Amrik and Buzo worry. Just then Nimmo comes along with a bowl full of milk. Fateh throws the milk over Tejo everyone gets shocked seeing this. Khusbeer smashes Fateh and asks what are you thinking of doing. Fateh lashes out at Tejo and says that he gave this Saree to Jasmin and asks her to change this Saree right away. Dadi comes and says that Gurpreet asked Tejo to wear this Saree, she was denying but Gurpreet insists to wear the same. Catch the complete episode on Colors at 7 PM. Never miss any Udaariyaan written update, stay connected with Social Telecast.


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