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Today’s Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 6th July 2021: Jasmin Reminds Fateh Of Past


In the latest episode of Udaariyaan, we’ll watch that Tejo goes to meet Gippy and Jasmin. After a couple of talks, Jasmin asks to order the food. Jasmin then asks Tejo if Fateh come here, Tejo says she doesn’t know about him. He must be busy with his academy. But just then Fateh comes there, he asks Tejo for the keys. Jasmin tries to talk to him and try to remind him of the old days. Later, they both start an indirect verbal spat. Fateh taunts Jasmin that you used me and threw me like a thing. Jasmin counters that you said you can’t live without me, what happens now.

Today's Udaariyaan Written Episode Update 6th July 2021: Jasmin Reminds Fateh Of Past

Fateh again taunts Jasmin that it is quite weird that you remember everything, I thought you should have forgotten me, Fateh gets furious and about to leave the cafe but at the same time Tejo and Gippy arrived with the food. Tejo surprised to see Fateh there and asks how you are here. Fateh says he comes here for the academy keys. Gippy then asks Tejo if he is your better half, Fateh replies no, Tejo gets sad, but Fateh says she is my best half. Gippy appreciates Fateh’s words. Fateh leaves from there.Tejo goes behind Fateh, but she speaks anything, Fateh says he is all right. He says we are going to have our lunch together so, don’t get overstuffed here. Tejo smiles and Fateh leave. Jasmin ponders if Fateh forgets her, she says she can’t let this happen. Jasmin leaves from there and returns home. Sati says that Tejo gives a thumbs up for Gippy, now, Mami should fix this marriage. Jasmin again yells no, she says Gippy needs some more time to understand me and this problem. Satti agrees with her and says take your time.

Fateh wakes up at midnight and looks for Tejo, he noticed that Tejo is eating noodles at night. Fateh think something mischievous he goes to Tejo and scares her, Tejo stunned and Fateh laughs. Tejo asks it is night, Fateh says that he feels like eating something. Tejo asks him to have some noodles, Fateh again jokes that her children never complaint to her.

Tejo looks at him, they start talking about themselves and laugh. Just then Khusbeer comes there, Tejo and Fateh hide and smiles. The next day Fateh and Tejo going to college on the bike, Jasmin sees them and hit them with his car. Gippy stunned, the episode ends. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for further Udaariyaan Written Update.


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