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Today’s Wild Villa Latest Episode 12th June 2021: Who Will Go Back To Splitsvilla x3/12


The most anticipated show Wild Villa has completed its 13th episode and now the upcoming episode is bringing many overwhelming twists. Because recently a new entry took place inside the Villa through which havoc circumstances have created among the contestants. This can create controversy due to their actions and statements, So if you want to know what will be new then check the information given below. So just gearing up yourself because many extraordinary twists are waiting for you to stream it at the correct time.

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In the upcoming episode of Wild Villa you will watch that Riya enters into the pool and asks to rest of the contestants about the circumstances which all happened previously meanwhile, Arjun also jumps into it. But after her interrogation, they inform her that after taking shower they will let her familiar with all the stuff which has created in the villa. But after a while, they start pulling the leg of Agriya due to Arjun by saying that he always does the same to see a new girl in the villa.

After that, Arjun says their own connection is not being made, and their connectivity is in the process of being spoiled. When they come upside in the Villa where Janhvi expresses her curiosity because she wants to ask about the activities of Villa especially for Garry. Spontaneously he asks about him and a girl contestants reply that he loves Janvi a lot, and says that she got a very loyal guy. Then Janvi says that now she gets satisfied and ready to make unite with him again so that he can not be upset more.

Then Piyush says that Garry does not know anything about Wild Villa and she still, wants to go with him, and as per his perception, he is doing drama to pretend himself nice. But the rest of the contestants still, in confusion that which contestant has a connection with whom. Between their conversation, you will watch a hilarious angle as well, which seems adorable. Then Arjun says that he likes Riya but after Agriya’s enter hid mind automatically diverted towards her.

But he does not want to ruin his relationship hence he sticks with her to maintain the consistency of his relationship. Another side, the Contestants are talking about Riya’s game strategy and perception, then they agree that Riya is strong physically and has the sense to play a game equally well. Meanwhile, Arjun comes into their conversation and Rashmi says that her perception has been changed regarding the game. So do not miss to watch it at the correct time on VOOT and for further details connect with us.


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