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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 Release Date & Spoilers Preview


The quite meritorious Anime/Manga series Tokyo Revengers is set to release another fantabulous chapter 226, numerous die-hard fans were eagerly waiting for this episode because all chapters are connected with each other, and never it ends it remains the suspense, that makes viewers desperate to get the details of the upcoming episode. So ever since the makers released the date and time officially, the curiosity of uncounted people has reached its peak. Because it’s being speculated that the coming chapter is bringing such overwhelming twists and turns, get to know more check the details below such as release dare/time, preview, preview, spoilers, etc.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226

The Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 will release on 13th October 2021 officially by the makers, but still, the streaming platform did not come to the fore. Hence, everyone is keeping their eyes on each activity of the makers because no one would like to be ignorant of any crucial detail. Because Anime is such a show which has made the fans crazy on the worldwide stage, therefore, whenever a new chapter arrives their curiosity to watch hits the bricks. But this time netizens are speculating that makers have done such things that will make the viewer feels over the top.

When it comes to the spoiler, so the series begins with Mikey’s arrival after Draken’s death, Rokuhara and BRAHMAN wanted to fight, but as soon as they see Mikey they stop themselves because they do not want to show their flaws in such an inappropriate way. But at the same time, they find that the Draken gets shot while protecting Takemichi, but now in the upcoming activities you will watch that the bikers realize that the leader of the Kantou Manji gang, Mikey has come spontaneously, Tekemichi takes his name and suddenly bikers appear behind Mikey, Senju says that gangs are here.


It begins where Rokuhara’s leader spoken about his ex Tenjiku Boys and informed them to vanish everything about Kantou Manji Gang. He pays attention that Akashi is furious, and gets into mayhem with that guy as well to a pulp and realizes that it is seldom to see Akashi fights like that, because everything was unexpected enough. Then he decides to sort out the fight with BRAHMAN then take on Mikey’s gang, even the weirdo punks agree, and four of them look forwards to punish BRAHMAN’S members. So do not miss streaming the Tokyo Revengers Chapter 226 on 13th October and for more details stay connected with us


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