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Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Release Date and Time, Star Cast, Watch Online Details


Tokyo Revengers is animated series of Japanese manga which is written by Ken Wakui and produced by Liden Films. Its first season was released on April 11 to 19 Sep 2021. The whole series was a collection of action, music, drama, and emotions. The Artists are Koichi, Keiko, Satoki, and Hiroaki who design the character, sound direction, and music composition for the series. The series got streamed into many languages such as Russian, German, French, Portuguese, and English dubs. All the anime lover who watches the action romance and sci-fi series, Tokyo Revengers stole their hearts.

tokyo revengers season 3 release date

The story of a young boy who came to know that his school’s love Hinata and her sibling Naoto were dead. They were killed by a famous gang “Tokyo Manji”. while he was going back home someone pushed him onto the railway tracks when he opens his eyes he came to the past where he meet his girlfriend. after that, he keeps trying to save his girlfriend. He does as much as he can to save her girlfriend, even though he joins the Tokyo Manji gang. the story begins here.

Tokyo Revengers Season 3 Release Date

In Season 1, the story starts with a boy named Takemichi came to his school girlfriend was murdered by the most famous Tokyo Manji gang. When he was returning from the funeral, a mysterious incident happened to him. He got a chance to save his girlfriend because he was present in the past. to save his girlfriend he joins the Tokyo Majin gang. Mikey the leader of the gang become friend with Takemichi. many action scenes can be seen in the episodes of season 1.

In season 2, Which was released on 8 Jan 2023 Takemichi is now a member of the Tokyo Manji Gang. A new gang will appeared and challenge Mikey to the fight. Takemichi came to present and again learn about his friends who got killed in that gang war. Now, Takemichi is again going into the past to save them. In the past a new mess is waiting for Takemichi… this story draws the attention of many anime watchers and the series got famous all over the world… according to the reports, Tokyo Revengers season 3 has been officially announced with the new look of Takemichi’s character. The new episodes will be released in 2024 on AIR .follow us to read more interesting content…


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