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Tonight’s Pandya Store 14th July 2021 Written Episode: Dhara Throws Water At Gautam


Today’s episode of Pandya Store begins with Shiva as he reads Raavi’s diary. He wonders how Raavi has written the words in it.  While Raavi is seen waking up. She sees her diary in Shiva’s hands. Raavi takes her diary from him which makes the rose inside the diary fall. On another side, Dev picks Rishita in his arms and dances happily making Rishita confused. She asks him what has made him this happy. Dev tells her that he has seen their future which will be filled with nothing but love and happiness. He says that he just saw Dhara and Gautam indulged in romance and it makes him so happy.

Pandya Store

Dev says that despite sleeping outside, they love each other. Rishita smiles and tells Dev that she will never stop loving him. In the next scene, Dhara watches Shiva consuming alcohol. It makes her angry. She takes water and throws it at Shiva’s face only to find it later that she was dreaming all this time and that she mistakenly threw water at Gautam. The latter wakes up being annoyed and asks Dhara why did she do that. She tells him that Shiva has lost his mind and tells him about her dream.

Gautam asks Dhara to sleep as they will talk about it later. Another side, Shiva and Raavi get into an argument. Shiva tells Raavi that he feels ashamed to ruin her life completely. He says that he is illiterate and by marrying her, he just ruined her life. He asks why did she not leave him when there is no future for them. Raavi gets angry and tells him that he has undoubtedly spoilt her life as he should not read her personal’s diary. He asks her to leave the house and that he is ending the marriage.

Raavi gets shocked. She throws water at Shiva but the latter still sleeps. She couldn’t believe that her past came into her present as Shiva just read her diary. She angrily picks up the diary and tears it into pieces. While Dev feels bad fr Dhara and Gautam as they do not have their personal bedroom. Dev texts Shiva and tells him about Dhara and Gautam’s room. Raavi being angry goes into the kitchen. There Raavi burns the pieces of papers of her day and cries thinking of Shiva. Stay tuned to know what happens next in Pandya Store.


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