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Tora Husband OTT Release Date: Where To Watch Platform Online Free


Hello entertainment lovers, we will explore the movie which was released in the theatres last year and got an excellent response from the audience due to the fan love of this movie. We are talking about Tora’s Husband movie which was released last year, the audience is curious to know about this movie and whether it will be released on film after getting a good response from the audience and fans and meeting the audience. To know more about this movie scroll down the page and continue to read the article until the end.

Tora Husband

Tora Husband OTT Release Date

We are conversing about the movie which gets good reviews and responses from the audience due to its story which is related to the COVID-19 Pandemic the story shows a family man’s life unraveling in the face of the COVID pandemic -19 and this film is dedicated to someone special of director of this film. Rima Das dedicated this film to her father whose name was Bharat Chandra Das who died during the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Tora Husband ott release date

Tora Husband is a 2022 Indian Assamese language film which is written, produced, shot, edited and directed by Rima Das this film premiered at the 2022 Toronto International Film Festival in the prestigious platform prize section and was followed by the Asian premiere at Busan International Film Festival 2022 and also Indian Premier in Kolkata International Film Festival 2022.

The cast who starred in this movie were Abhijit Das as Jaan, Tarali Kalita Das as Tora, Bhuman Bhargarv Das as Bhargav, Purbanchali Das as Manu, Nilima Das, Simanta Malkaar, Malika Das. Tora Husband’s film was released last year on 11 September 2022 and now it get attention again from the audience and people because of the OTT release.

When people heard about OTT this movie also got attention and a good response from all over the world and people got curious to know if this would be released on OTT so let us say that this is true that this movie will be released on OTT soon but it is not confirmed when it will be released as we expected that this movie will be released soon so we have to wait until the official announcement to releasing this movie. The movie will be released digitally on a streaming platform after Coming Soon 2023. The official date of release will be updated once announced so stay tuned to socialtelecast.com for more updates and the latest news from all corners of the world.


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