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Tory Lanez Going To Jail? Brampton Rapper Deletes His Instagram, Posts Cryptic Tweet


Brampton rapper Tory Lanez recently deleted his Instagram account and ever since he has been making headlines. Social media users have gotten stunned as the rapper not just deleted his account but also posted a cryptic message on his Twitter account. Yes, Tory wrote “It’s been real” in his post on Twitter on September 22, 2021, which has stirred the internet. Netizens are left in wonderment and are trying to figure out the meaning of the post. Well, here we are with all the latest details of the matter and all the related information about it.

Tory Lanez Going To Jail Brampton Rapper Deletes His Instagram Posts Cryptic Tweet

The suspicious social media activity from the rapper’s account came to light hours before his hearing for the continuing case with Megan Thee Stallion that will happen on Thursday. Besides, the singer also faced a lawsuit for an alleged hit and run case on the same day. The “Say It” singer has been creating a lot of buzz for his alleged involvement in various cases. Following the reports of Radar, a man going by the name Barry Fine sued Tory Lanez and AIG, his insurance company.

Is Tory Lanez Going To Jail?

It is reported that the said man was driving his Porsche Cayenne Coupe Turbo in Florida on 23rd January 2021 while the singer was driving his Range Rover. The man accused the 29-years-old rapper of hitting his car with his own. He stated that another person was seated at the driver’s seat who caused the accident. Barry Fine added that they fled the scene right after damaging his vehicle. It was said that the accident happened due to a “chain-reaction rear-end collision” that caused property damage and severe injuries.

The man listed the rapper’s expensive Miami penthouse in the lawsuit and told that the said accident caused him mental suffering, scarring, physical pain, and medical expenses. However, netizens are convinced that the rapper’s suspected conviction could be related to his criminal offence against Megan Thee Stallion while some say that it could also be connected to the hit and run incident only. For those uninitiated, Tory Lanez had allegedly shot American singer Megan Thee Stallion in her foot in July 2020.

Megan had even shared some pictures of two gunshot wounds in her Instagram account that has been deleted now. Later, Lanez was charged with assault and carrying an unregistered firearm. However, in November 2020, he pled not guilty and was asked to maintain distance from the singer. His fans have disowned him after his criminal offence and now it is being speculated by the netizens that the rapper could be going to jail. Various memes by Twitter users are also being shared. It is speculated that Tory Lanez could face 22 years in jail.


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