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Tower of God Chapter 506 Release Date Time Spoilers & Preview Chapter 505 Recap


The South Korean Manhwa titled Tower of God which was released as a webtoon has been sweeping huge attention. Illustrated by S.I.U, the anime has released a total of 505 chapters so far that managed to garner a lot of engagement. Now, the readers are thrilled to know what’s in the store for them in Chapter 506 and what’s its release date. Well, we are providing all the exclusive updates of the upcoming chapters along with some major spoilers. Besides, you can also take a look at the recap and review of the previous chapters.

Tower of God Chapter 506 Release Date Time Spoilers & Preview Chapter 505 Recap

In the new chapter, the spectators will witness the clash between Bam and White while Lord Sullivan will be seen trying to make a pathway to Rybolic as he looks forward to settling the score. Besides, the Tower of God games have also started in which plenty of participants are trying to move ahead in the game by defeating monsters and enemies coming their way. With the aim to climb the tower, the contenders are trying their possible best and giving one another a power-packed competition. Previously, it was shown that twenty-fifth Bam along with his friends had completed all the missions to eventually climb the tower.

Now. the story will be continued from Bam attempting to kill White. The battle begins with Bam taking the lead and attacking White with lightning strikes. However, White uses his attacks against Bam only and fails the latter’s plan. Later, Bam informs White that soon he is going to die as he unleashes a big blast. On another side, the Map Boss gets freed from prison. Ahead, through the CCTV footage, it is revealed that a hybrid is there inside the cat tower that belongs to Lord Yasurachya and that it was held there as a test subject. It will be revealed that the monster would be part of the game.

Talking about Tower of God Chapter 506 release date, it will be premiered on August 29, 2021. It will be released on Sunday and Monday in different countries respectively, Though, the readers who are keen to know where can this interesting manga be read, currently no information is available. We will update you as soon as we get any information on the same. The Telecom Animation Film has released 8 volumes and, undoubtedly, Action fiction has engaged plenty of readers. Keep following Social Telecast for more such updates on the latest released chapters of the Manga and Anime and get updated.


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