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TP vs CA LIVE SCORE Cathay Life to Beat Taiwan Power Super Basketball League Match Report


Women’s Super Basketball League 2020, the 4-teams tournament, next match to be played between Taiwan Power Company and Cathay Life. The tournament was started on 6th May 2020 and this is the Matchday 4 of the Women’s Super Basketball League 2020 wherein Cathay Life will be fighting against the Taiwan Power Company. Both the teams are coming today against each other for their 3rd playoff in the tournament.

In their recent playoff, Taiwan Power Company has squared off against Chughnwa Telecom and unfortunately, TP couldn’t have make it and lost the match scoring 49 points while Chunghwa Telecom acquired victory over Taiwan Power Company by 86-49.


Today’s game Taiwan Power Company vs Cathay Life will be played at Taipei and the kick-off time of the match is 2:30 PM according to the Indian Standard Time.

  • League- Women’s Super Basketball League 2020
  • Playoff- Taiwan Power Company vs Cathay Life
  • Date- Saturday, 9th May 2020
  • Time- 2:30 PM IST
  • Venue- Taipei

Taiwan Power Company Dream11 Teamup

Kuo Chia-Wen, Lai Xin-Yu, Yuzhen Zhuang, Peng Huizhen, Yu Ke-Shi, Lin Yi-Jun, Li Yixuan, Lin Jiaci, Su-Yi Rou, Chun-Huan Li, You-Jing Jhang, Wu Yi-Xuan, Chen Yijun, Liu Xiye, Liu Yi-Chun, Xin Yizhi, Li Ya-Jie, Yang Zhiyu

TP Probable Playing Vs

  1. Kuo Chia Wen (PG)
  2. Yu Ke Shi (SG)
  3. SU Yi Rou (SF)
  4. Wu Yi Xuan (PF)
  5. Xin Yizhi (C)

Cathay Life Dream11 Teamup

Fan-Shan, Pin Lo, Jou-Chen Huang, Zheng Yi-Xiu, Chen Yu-Chun, Wu Yi-Ting, Ling-Chuan Huang, Han Ya-En, Lan Hao-Yu, Lin Yu-Ting, Wang Wei-Lin, Li You-Ruei, Wei-An Chen, Ou Jie, Yang Qing

CA Probable Playing Vs

  1. Huang Fan Shan (PG)
  2. Zheng Yi Xiu (SG)
  3. Ling Chuan Huang (SF)
  4. Lin Yu Ting (PF)
  5. Wei An Chen (C)

Taiwan power has lost all the matches in the last 5 playoffs. They’re currently not in a good form. And, Prior to their failure against Chunghwa Telecom the team has locked horns against Taiyuan Textiles and this was also a defeat for Taiwan Power by 80-58.

On the other hand, it’s Cathay Life and the team has last played off against Taiyuan Textiles and it was so obvious Cathay Life to won the match by 52-94. Prior to this victory, the team has faced Chunghwa Telecom (the second-best team of the Women’s Super Basketball League 2020) and here also Cathay Life won the match scoring 90 points while Chunghwa Telecom lost the match scoring 72 points. Cathay Life is the unbeatable team of the Women’s Super Basketball League since back when this tournament has started in the year 2004.




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