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Trump Calls Rape Claim ‘Ridiculous’ In Video Testimony At Civil Trial


Today we share some terrible news with you. This news become viral on the internet vastly. The ongoing rape trial of former President Donald Trump has been nothing short of a complete disaster. From the questionable testimonies of witnesses to the constant interruptions from Trump’s legal team, it’s clear that this trial is not going smoothly. And let’s not forget the fact that Trump himself has been accused of rape multiple times before. It’s hard to believe that anyone could still support him after all of this. But then again, this is America we’re talking about. Scroll up to read more in detail.

Trump Calls Rape Claim 'Ridiculous' In Video Testimony At Civil Trial

According to the information, on 3rd May was a real doozy for Trump at his trial for allegedly raping E. Jean Carroll. Carroll’s legal team brought in an expert psychologist who testified to the devastating mental impact the alleged rape has had on her. This is such shameful news for every American.

Trump Calls Rape Claim ‘Ridiculous’ In Video

This case is handled by the District Attorney County. E.Jea Carroll is 79 years old. She complained about Trump. She shows the proof in front of justice. She confesses that she is doing this for money. She expresses their pain in Court. People getting shocked after hearing this news.

The president of America spoils their name by doing this incident. People said he doing very shameful work. He never thinks that he is the president of America. People respected Trump but after hearing this news people started abusing him. People also said that they can spoil the future generation. This is a crime and they should be punished. They have done very bad things with ladies. They should be punished severely. Follow us till the end to know all the known facts about the incident.

A police investigation is going on in this case. The woman is suffering from a very critical situation. She also confesses her mistake. People are waiting for the court’s decision. Let’s see what the court charged him. The women want justice. People are also with her. This is a very cheap thing that was done by the president of America. The incident has attracted international media and general public attention. We are making every effort to collect relevant details about the disaster and provide the latest updates as soon as possible. We have shared every single piece of news about this case with you. So, Stay tuned to Social Telecast for more updates about this case.


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