Home Entertainment Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Indu Ruins Godawari’s Marriage

Tujhse Hai Raabta 13th July 2021 Today’s Episode: Indu Ruins Godawari’s Marriage


The upcoming episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta will begin where Malhaar asks Priest to wait for a while because they are just about to come. Aao Saheb also greets the guests meanwhile, she calls Malhaar and informs him that it would be better if Kalyani welcomes “procession”. On another side, Kalyani asks Pawar Kaka to show some evidence that will help her to prove Anupriya innocent. But he refuses to show by saying that it’s against the law, but she keeps on trying to convince him because she has only this way to prove her innocent.

Then Kalyani goes to welcome “Procession” and meanwhile. Preist asks Malhar to bring flowers and at the same time, Kalyani also goes to bring the bride to the Pavilion. While walking she keeps on thinking about the private number, another side, Indu Ji comes with the Godavari and asks to choose some gold jewellery. Kalyani also enters and asks the Godavari about her looking but she demands to meet her Aai because her blessing is essential for them.

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After that, Kaka asks the truth to Anupriya but she is helpless and can not tell it to anyone but he makes her swear. So that, she can make him familiar with the reality, and finally, she unleashes everything by showing him in which is written: “Tujhse Hai Raabta” they are conversing with each other, and spontaneously Godvari arrives along with Kalyani and asks that why they are not coming at the wedding venue. Anupriya says that whether she comes or not but her blessings always be with her.

Another side, Indu comes outside from the house and thinks that where she should throw the sim card. The Godavari comes to the pavilion but suddenly Indu sees that her broach has fallen down outside. So she rushes to pick that back but she sees that Anupriya is also there, hence, she puts her leg on Anupriya’s hand and asks whats he was trying to do. Anupriya screams and everyone comes outside, even Godavari leaves the pavilion but Indu makes an excuse by saying that her hand gets stuck while finding something.

Then Indu expresses her objection towards Godavari’s relationship by saying that she does not want to fix her marriage in a criminal family, no matter what happens. But Kalyani stops her to not break the marriage because it is an insult to such an auspicious bond between the two. Even Godawari urges her to not ruin her marriage and the groom also asks his mother to think twice before saying anything. So do not forget to watch it on Zee TV at 08:30 Pm and for more updates connect with us.


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