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Tujhse Hai Raabta 15th July 2021 Written Episode: Ajenkiya Gets Arrested In Rape Case?


The upcoming episode of Tujhse Hia Raabta will start where Kalyani puts a band which Anupriya gave her meanwhile, Malhar enters and she smiles to see him. He asks her what she was about to say she replies that her mother gifted her a bag as well. Spontaneously Kalyani says it seems that he is curious to know everything like Gungun, Malhar interrupts her by saying that he is a police officer who should know everything. Suddenly Aao Saheb calls Anuopriya nut Kalyani replies that she is coming to finish that.

Then Kalyani comes to Aao Saheb and asks what happened, she replies that she is finding Anupriya. Kalyani informs her due to an urgency Anupriya had to go out Aao Saheb again raises questions without telling her where she went. Meantime, Aao Saheb says that how could they finish the work Kalyani assures her that if she learns this from her, so there are no difficulties will come ahead. At the same time, Godavari arrives there along with her husband and Kalyani welcomes them.

Tujhse Hai Raabta Written Episode

After that, Aao Saheb stops them by saying that without worship it’s not appropriate to come inside, then they enter and the Godavari hugs Kalyani. Another side, Pawar Kaka is insisting on all ladies speaking the truth otherwise he will not able to help them. Extempore Malhar arrives and asks the matter. then Pawar Kaka informs him that she came here to file a complaint against Rapist. Meanwhile, he asks her to help them for making the culprits sketch, so that, they can catch him.

At the same time, Malhar says he will send her an NGO where she will get some peace, and spontaneously he bumps with Ajenkeya. Meanwhile, the victim recognizes his voice ad informs Malhar that he is the main culprit, and Malhar gets shocked to hear this. Another side, Kalyani asks the Godavari what happened with her why she is doing such weird behaviour, she unleashes what Ajenkeya did on their first wedding night. At the same time, Malhar arrives to arrest him but the Godavari urges him to not arrest her husband.

Then Malhar says that he will have to do it, but the Godavari puts a gun on her head and says if he arrests him so she will shoot herself. At the same time, Kalyani makes a call to Ajenkeya and says she is sorry to make him a call at this time, meanwhile, he asks about the Godavari. Extempore she arrives at Aao Saheb and Apologizes to her by saying that Kalyani does not know anything, even Aao Saheb assures her that she does not need to know this. So watch it on Zee TV at 08:30 PM and for more details connect with us.


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