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Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd June 2021 Today’s Episode: Aparna Exposes Mihika As Fake Anupriya?


The recent episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta begins where Kalyani brings green tea for Mihika and says that she can not thanks to her enough due to her kind and helping gesture. Meanwhile, Malhar says he did not know that she is quite a popular actress. Then Mihika urges Malhar to teach her properly about self-defence and spontaneously Aao Saheb comes and starts questioning Kalyani. She asks that what was the need to make Mihika as Anupriya, Kalyani replies that after thinking numerous times she took the decision.

Tujhse Hai Raabta 23rd June 2021 Today's Episode: Aparna Exposes Mihika As Fake Anupriya?

Then Aao Saheb says that she will make sure that Aparna will sign the documents for sure, But Kalyani disagrees with her. Then mentions that Aparna did not come here for NGO’s work, she came to break their house and she will not let her do this. Then Kalyani expresses her feelings by saying that please stop interrogating her because has to keep such things secret. Later, Aao Saheb arrives outside and sees a glance of someone and starts following that and sees that Aparna is standing there.

After that, Aparna comes to her and asks to sign the documents, and then she must go from there. But Aao Saheb gets a doubt that something is suspicious, and hence, she asks her to unleash everything whatever wrote in these documents. Then she reveals that it is written in these papers that she is making Aparna is the owner of her all properties. Then she starts emotionally blackmails Aao Saheb by saying that if she makes Anupriya owner so she will distribute it between Gungun and Kalyani.

Later, says that she is doing all this for Moksh so that, she had not to depend on anyone else and his future could be secured. Meanwhile, Aao Saheb requests her to stop spitting poison by her tongue against Anupriya and her family. Then she says that at any cost she will not sign the documents no matter what happens, Meantime, Kalyani arrives there and says that she knew very well about her this step. By saying that because a dog’s tail can never be straight. Then Aparna challenges Kalyani that she will definitely make this property in her name.

The next morning Aparna again arrives and wishes them good morning and reveals that she came here for custody. Then she was about to sit on the chair of Anupriya but meanwhile, Kalyani stops her and says that  Annupriya sits on the chair and beside her, no one has a right to sit on it. In meantime, She brings Mihika because she is playing the character of Anupriya, then Mihika tries everything to expose Mihika and hence she brings an old album and asks her to choose Atul’s photo because Mihika does not know anything about Atul.


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