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Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th July 2021 Written Update Spoiler Alert: Kalyani Gets Arrested


The coming episode of Tujhse Hia Raabta will begin where Kalyani is conversing with Shilpi and both do not realize that time is passing, Shilpi agrees and says even she did not think about time. Meanwhile, mentions that she had talked to her parents last when she was gone to be a part of the police academy. At the same time, says that she wanted to be a part of join but due to an accident she could not do that, whose remorse will last for life. 

Tujhse Hai Raabta 27th July 2021 Written Update Spoiler Alert: Kalyani Gets Arrested

Then Kalyani assures her that it’s not too late she can starts from here as well, and teaches her self-defence. She shows her how to shoot while hearing the sound of direction, at the same time, Malhar arrives there and says that they converted the room into the training centre. Malhar sees that Gun is disappeared and asks them to find it as soon as possible. Even Shilpi also went somewhere meanwhile, Ajinkeya comes and says that he knows where she went.

After that, Akshay tries to get closer with Shilpi but she feels disgusted when someone comes close to her. Meanwhile, she asks how he filed a bail of Sindhu he replies that he threatened lawyer and make her outside. Another side, Kalyani is running on the riad to save her mother’s life because she is scared that if she does not stop her. So the media will portray Anupriya in a wrong way, because they can accuse her to kill Akshay, but Shilpi records everything whatever he said.

After a while, Shipi points the gun at Akshay and slaps him as well and after getting the sound of direction, Shilpi shoots. Meanwhile, Kalyani comes and snatches the Gun and at the same time, Malhar comes along with the entire family. She starts accusing herself, Media says that they heard her statement spontaneously Indu grabs Kalyani’s neck. She says that she wil never forgive her to kill Akshay at any cost, no matter what happens, and Kalyani gets arrested.

Later, Pawar apologizes to her in the jail for arresting but he did not have any options besides it, Kalyani consoles him by saying that there is no need to apologize. Because he was doing his duty, Malhar also gets emotional but Kalyani asks him to not cry. She decides to divert his mind hence, what will they name their child meanwhile, Malhar urges to staff that he wants to spend some quality time with her. So do not miss to stream it at 08:30 PM and for further details connect with us. 


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