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Tujhse Hai Raabta (THR) 22-7-2021 Latest Written Update: Malhar Gets Suspended


The recent episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta begins where Anupriya thanks God for helping the Godavari to choose an appropriate way for her meanwhile, Sarthak arrives there and says that she has sorted out Godavari’s trouble but what about her second daughter. He unleashes that he seems Malhar and Kalyani’s relationship is getting affected by Ajinkeya. At the same time, he says that they should make them understand to spend some quality time with each other. After a while, Sarthak and Anupriya enter Kalyani’s room and take them outside.

Tujhse Hai Raabta (THR) 22-7-2021 Latest Written Update: Malhar Gets Suspended

Then Sarthak plays a romantic song to make their mood better and Malhar dances with Kalyani, spontaneously Anupriya arrives there and says sorry to interrupt but she got some information about Akshay. At the same time, she makes him familiar that Akshay’s flight will take off within 2 hours, so before that, they will have to catch him. Ajinkeya apologizes on behalf of Akshay and says that he wants to apologize to Shilpi with whom his brother behaved inappropriately.

After that, Malhaar, Kalyani, and Ajinkeya reach the same place where the original Ajinkeya is standing meantime, Malhaar puts his pistol at him. Then Malhar beats him for ruining a girl’s life at the same time, Media takes place and shows like a commissioner is beating a random guy without any reason. Then they accuse him to beat Godavari’s husband, Anupriya asks to call an ambulance as fast as they can. Kalyani asks them to keep calm but the media makes a kite out of small talks.

Later, Anupriya asks that did he is right to beat him but after hearing a siren of police jeep reporters go from there. Meanwhile, Malhar gets DSP’s call where he informs that everything has been running live on social media, that the way he has beaten a random guy. Hence, they decide to make him suspend and cut the call, he gets upset to hear this but they did not have any options besides this. Then they leave the place and reach their residence where Kalyani apologizes to him.

Then Malhar says that he does not believe in the statement of her Aai at all and says no one thought that he is going to be stuck in a trap. Kalyani also agrees with him and says that she also does not have any hope from her Aai. Meanwhile, Malhar says that he will do whatever he wants at the same time Kalyani also says that she will be with him. Bith makes sure that at any cost they will find Akshat no matter what happens, so do not miss to watch it on Zee TV at 08:30 PM, and for more details connect with us.


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