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Tujhse Hai Raabta (THR) Full Written Episode 19th July 2021: Malhar Takes Arjenkeya Into The Custody


The recent episode of Tujhse Hai Raabta will start where Arjenkeya informs Indu that he can not see Godavari unhappy because he already betrayed her and now will unleash the truth in front of her. Indu gets angry to hear this and throws a water glass at him while threatening that she will again throw him in the same gutter from where she picked him. Another side, Pawar informs Malhar that he is following Ajenkeya but still, did not get anything meanwhile, he wonders that victim can help him to reach Ajenkeya’s location.

Tujhse Hai Raabta (THR) Full Written Episode 19th July 2021: Malhar Takes Arjenkeya Into The Custody

After a while, Kalyani sees Ajenkeya is going somewhere in the hubbub and decides to follow him so that, she can get any clue. Sarthak informs Anurpriya that the Godavari has left the house due to Aao Saheb, and mentions that he talked to Aao Saheb regarding this as well. Kalyani wonders, if Indu is refusing that Ajenkeya can not rape someone so why Shilpi accusing him. Later, Malhar leaves Shilpi at the address as per his plan, and spontaneously Ajenkeya’s du[plicate comes and grabs her and Malhar sees him through the window.

After that, Kalyani sees Ajenkeya while doing weird behavior he is taking the attire of a lady along with makeup, she gets shocked to see him. Meanwhile, Malhar and Kalyani come inside and he grabs the culprit and his duplicate pushes Malhar on Shilpi and rushes away from there. Kalyani comes and interrogates Ajenkeya that why he is doing all this, and ruining Godavari’s life. He replies that he did not want to destroy her life at all but he was helpless.

Aao Saheb also goes through from trauma while thinking about Godavari’s future and Ajenkeya’s truth. Meanwhile, Anupriya says that first, they will have to make them separate through the divorce, Aao Saheb does not agree with her but she makes her convince. At the same time, Anupriya unleashes everything that how Indu insisted Ajenkeya marry the Godavari. But Aao Saheb mentions that the Godavari will never take divorce as far as she has concerned about her.

Then Malhar comes and asks where is Ajenkeya, Sarthak asks what happened and Malhar reveals the entire truth of Ajenkeya by saying that he is the main defaulter who ruined Shilpi’s life but still, Anupriya is refusing to accept him as a rapist. Meantime, Anupriya brings Ajenkeya there and Malhar says that he will never let him release from behind the bar. But Anupriya says that before all that she wants to talk to him, so do not miss to stream it on Zee TV at 08:30 Pm and for further details connect with us.


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