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Turkey Earthquake Live Updates: Death Toll In Turkey-Syria Rises To Over 16000


Turkey-Syria Earthquake, the numerics of dead bodies are getting enhances to such an extent as the government is continuously releasing the numbers of unfortunate demises, as the poll is not taking the name of getting stopped. The highest death poll of the century is reported on 09th February 2023 as more than 15000 have lost their precious lives and approx 50 thousand are remaining injured as they are being examined by the medical teams. So that, at least their lives can be saved by the medication, below you can explore the further information along with some unknown facts.

Turkey Earthquake Live Updates Death Toll In Turkey-Syria Rises To Over 16000

As per the exclusive reports or sources, initially, the government unleashed only 600 deaths but as soon as the search operation took place and they brought the bodies out from the mud was quite extreme. Because, thousands of dead bodies have been found and the entire area has been demolished as no buildings or monuments had remained from the tragedy this is the reason, yet the entire area is blanked and turned into dust. Because not a single stroke of the earthquake was there as many strokes hit the area and overturned everything while leaving the families shattered, as they are going through a crisis now.

Earthquake in Turkey Update

Currently, humanitarian assistance is being provided to the Islamic country by the Indian government as the Indian force is trying their best to make the remaining ones comfortable while dropping them under the secure shed like hospitals and other secure places. Because things are getting messed up in a certain manner as no one knows how many are still remaining under the mud and this is the reason as long as the investigation wraps up no exact numbers of death can be unleashed because by every minute many bodies are coming out, and thus, the death poll is getting enhanced.

The entire globe is currently praying for Turkey and Syria so that such a tragedy leaves the country and lives can turn normal again, and therefore, the entire social media has been flooded to such an extent as plenty of reactions have been posted on Twitter and other social media platforms because no matter what but the country needs the helo, and world leaders are trying their best to provide the sigh to them so that, they can overturn the pain a bit. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast for further details.


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