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Turkey Earthquake Live Updates: Over 1200 People Died After Earthquake Of 7.7 Strikes Turkey


Turkey: Currently, the Islamic nation is suffering greatly as a consequence of the tremendous earthquake that left thousands of people homeless and was the reason for many departures. Yes, you heard right, the country had a powerful 7.8-magnitude earthquake, which is regarded as fairly large in this century. Over 600 people died, and many more are presently being treated by medical professionals in the nearest medical facility. Multitudinous, reactions started making headlines as soon as the news started spreading on social networking sites. Below you can explore further information along with some unknown facts

Turkey Earthquake Live Updates Over 1200 People Died After Earthquake Of 7.7 Strikes Turkey

As per the exclusive reports or sources, a major earthquake of 7.8- magnitude hit Turkey and Syria too where it left the entire premise damaged to such an extent, gradually it turned more lethal when buildings start falling down and surrounding the area with massive dust and screams because those, buildings were having thousands of people who were staying there with their families and therefore, recently management issued a report of those 600 who lost the lives and a few are expecting that the number of deceased is a bit high beyond the expectation of everyone. Thus, when the accurate report will come out then the exact numeric will come out.

Turkey Earthquake Live Updates

Reportedly, Prime Minister of India “Shri Narendra Modi Ji” sent the deepest condolence while giving a sigh to Turkey about relief materials and other facilities as possible as their country and management can. In short, the entire India stands in solidarity with the people of Turkey because the way they are going through natural disasters is quite painful to hear and see. So thus, the Indian leaders will help them their best to come out of the pain, as nothing is worst than facing something like this. Because such a massive earthquake is extremely worst than anything.

Recently, a few videos came out on social media, especially on Twitter and these few seconds of clip are enough to give you an idea about the intensity of the tragedy that how worst it was, and how the buildings are turning into dust while cracking hard even a few crucial paths have also demolished in a certain manner which no one had even imagined and therefore, the users are sending their deep solace to those family who lost their close ones or better called an integral part of their family. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast.


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