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Turkey, Syria Earthquake: Deadliest Natural Disaster In Turkey’s History As Quake Deaths Top 41,000


Turkey, Syria Earthquake: the death toll from the tragedy is not taking the name of getting downfall as regularly the government of Islamic countries is sharing the numbers of lifeless ones. As the death toll touched 41,000 which is quite high in the entire century and therefore, the searchers are expecting more bodies under the mud because no one knows how many are still remaining under the devastated buildings because the entire premise has been destroyed to such an extent which is a most disturbing thing every and therefore, there is no limit of their close ones grief.

Turkey, Syria Earthquake

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Initially, the government released the number approx 15,000 deaths but soon after 2 days it turned tripled as 41,000 bodies have been removed from the mud from cremation. The scene is quite horrific as the family members of the deceased are expressing their deep grief because no one had even imagined that a day the numbers will come out in a certain manner. Even, still, the search operation is going on to find everything out so that, they can get further updates because till now, the circumstances are not coming under their control because of tragedy shocks.

Reportedly, more the 10 days have passed since Earthquake hit the cities but till now the bodies of the deceased are coming out, even a few remains have also been recovered by the searchers so that, they can send all of them for the cremation because the parts are getting destroyed while melting into the dust because the environment is quite a poisoner for all them and therefore, the remains are damaging more and therefore, before anything they government ordered the concerned authorities to manage the cremation. So that, nothing can be left openly in a certain manner it is appearing and therefore, the entire area has turned seized too.

The entire world is sending humanitarian aid to the country so that the management can get help to manage the circumstances and therefore, the country is receiving help from the entire world even the leader of an Islamic country is thanking the world, especially India because Prime Minister Narendra Modi Ji was the first who sent the appropriate help to the country in this challenging time and gradually the soldiers and management is managing the things at their best. So stay tuned with us to know more and do follow Social Telecast for further updates.


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