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Turkey-Syria Earthquake Death Toll Live Update Raised to 44,000


There is shocking news coming forward related to the continuously increasing death rate of Turkey Syria earthquake. The news about this earthquake is continuously running on the top of the news and internet and it is said that this earthquake is one of the most terrible and dangerous earthquakes. Every day thousands of people were rescued and continuously rescued by the rescuers and people of Turkey and Syria. This earthquake take place on 6 February 2023 and struck around a 7.8 magnitude earthquake. Let us know the latest and some other information related to this terrible incident in this article, so read continuously.

Turkey-Syria Earthquake

According to the statements and reports, The death toll from Turkey-Syria is raised to 44,000 where the Turkish state that around 38,044 people have died on the other side, and the Syrian government stated that around 5,800 people have passed away yet. The number of people dying is still ongoing but many people were rescued safely. This earthquake occurred in southern and central Turkey and also occurred in northern and western Syria. This incident took place at around 04:27 am on 06 February 2023 and left a mark on the people who suffered this terrible incident.

It is also coming out that there is a clash broke out between the Syrian government and opposition forces on the night of 16 February 2023. There are so many countries that came forward and helped Turkey and Syria by sending their rescuers, food, and necessary things during this difficult time period. Over 100 trucks with the aid of the United Nations have crossed into Northeast Syria which was full of tents, heaters, and cholera testing kits. Around 50,576 buildings have fallen after this earthquake and they are facing many problems currently after getting many resources from other countries.

The news about death is increasing day by day and the number of death is continuously increasing. This disaster made damage to 84.1 billion and now the residents and government suffering from this earthquake incident and loss. In this incident, many people lost their family members, and many people were rescued from under the fallen buildings. Lots of videos and pictures are available on the internet that shows how the great buildings fell down and how people are rescuing after this incident. There is no other information has been shared or announced related to this incident and we will update or mention it in our article after getting the latest news related to this incident.


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