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Turkey, Syria Earthquake Report Death toll rises above 35,000 Check Live Updates


Today we are going to talk about the death toll rising above 35,000 in the earthquake in Turkey, and Syria. This earthquake occurred in Turkey and Syria on 6 February 2023 and this incident news is running on the top of the internet and many social media platforms. The rescue teams began their service after this earthquake incident and the rescuers searching for survivors or the aid effort shifted to hundred to thousands of people made homeless. In this article, we will share the exact number of deaths and the complete information related to this incident, so read this article continuously.

Turkey, Syria Earthquake

As per the news and details shared, Around 31,643 people in Turkey and around 3,581 people in Syria had died yet. This news was shared officially and the number of death is still ongoing. This is a 7.8 magnitude tremor earthquake and this incident was one of the most dangerous incidents. From the reports, there are so many people still being pulled out from the rubble and this incident destroyed many people. The exact and confirmed death toll rose to 35,224 and this earthquake is the fifth deadliest since the beginning of the 21st century. There are many countries helping Turkey and Syria at this difficult time by sending their soldiers and rescuers to save people.

It is also coming out that the number of death will increase and still, there are so many people stuck under the fallen buildings. There are around 30,000 tents have been installed and set up near the epicenter in Kahramanmaras and around 48,000 people are living and sheltering in schools and another around 11,500 people in sports halls. The rescuers and the rescuer’s teams are on their service and saved the lives of people who suffered from this earthquake. This earthquake stuck in the southern or central part of Turkey and the northern or western part of Syria.

This earthquake took everything of many people and various people were destroyed in this terrible incident. In this incident, so many people died and get various major injuries but some people survived this earthquake. There are many videos available on the internet that shows how the buildings were damaged in this incident and how the rescuers saved people under the fallen buildings. This earthquake created damage and loss of $84.1 billion in this earthquake and so many people and netizens expressed their responses to this news. Stay tuned with socialtelecast.com to get more articles on other news topics and the latest news.


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