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Turquoise Miami’s Instagram Post Revealed Fetty Wap’s Daughter Lauren Maxwell Death Cause/ Reason


As everyone knows, Fetty Wap performed a rolling loud performance to dedicate his daughter Lauren Maxwell on July 31st. Shortly thereafter, an emotional post was shared on the Instagram gram by baby mama Turquoise Miami. Which made many people emotional because this post was seen by everyone. If sources are to be believed, Fetty Wap has not kept himself active on social media for a long time and it is very difficult for him to be active on social media. When he mentioned her presence in Rolling Loud, he promised to give good time to the people and dedicated the entire performance to his daughter.

Wap's Daughter Lauren Maxwell

Now, uncounted people want to know a bit more, So Fetty Wap made sure on 31st July that he would pay tribute to his daughter during the Rolling Loud performance. Shortly after this, Baby Mama Turquoise confirmed through social media that his daughter has passed away and she is no longer with us. As the news unfolds, a wave of sadness ran among all his fans as Fetty’s daughter left him forever. While sharing the photo, Turkoise also shared a caption that touched the hearts of many.

As per the exclusive reports, the real reason behind her death is yet to be revealed and further Fetty has shared a post in memory of his daughter on Instagram and the caption is also quite emotional. Now it comes to the age of the deceased, Lauren Maxwell was 4 years old and a Fetty has five children besides Lauren, she was born on 7 February 2017. It is being told that Fetty welcomed Aydin with his girlfriend in 2011 and he is now 10 years old and stays with Ariel. In 2018 Fetty welcomed his youngest child by his ex-girlfriend named Lezhae. 


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Turquoise Was Miami Slums Trolls After learning of her daughter’s death, Turquoise was flooded with posts criticizing Feeti’s upbringing. Even they also had many issues regarding support left in the past, That’s why Turquoise decided to support Fetty and defended him by posting a story on Instagram. Sharing the caption, “she wrote that no one has a right to spread so much negativity towards their child on the internet that they have difficulty in reading it. further added that Lauren loved her father as much as she loves her, Many such captions were shared which took people’s hearts. 


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