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Twitch Suspends Polish Streamer Sideneuke For Running Car Over A Dog While Respoinding The Chat


There is a piece of news coming out that Twitch suspends a stream that belongs to Polish and now this news is getting a lot of attention on the internet and various other social media platforms. He is a Polish content creator named Sideneuke who is now suspended from an interactive live streaming service Twitch because he ran his car over a dog while driving and this complete incident was seen by various users of Twitch on the time of live streaming. Let’s briefly discuss what happened to him and the complete details of this topic in this article, so read it.

Twitch Suspends Polish Streamer Sideneuke

As per the news and sources, Sideneuke is a content creator of Polish has been suspended from Twitch after driving his vehicle over a dog with his car. This whole incident was captured while his streaming and this clip is shared redirect and many other social media platforms. This incident took place when he responded to chat. Not much information is shared and announced related to this topic and we will update our article after getting any news and information related to this news topic.

There is a video clip is also available on the internet and this clip is also running on the top of the internet and various social media platforms. In this clip we can se that a boy who wore a yellow jacket driving his car and he checks his phone notification when suddenly he drives his vehicle over a dog. The dog is not seen in that clip and after running his car over the dog he stopped his car and get out of the vehicle where the clip ends. This video clip is getting a lot of attention on various social media pages and many social media users share their reactions on this incident.

In the available clips, the sound of dog pain is clearly heard and on many people express their sorrows on this topic. There is no news is coming out about the police investigation and what happened after this incident. There is only news coming forward that he was blocked and banned from the Twitch account and the available video clips is running on the top of the internet. Many cases are coming forward related to accidents in which animals get major injuries and sometimes they result in death. Stay tuned to socialtelecast.com to get more articles on other news topics.


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