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Two Women in Critical Condition After one Falls From Tall Building in London


There is a piece of news coming in front of a woman who falls on another woman and this news is getting so much attention and popularity on the internet and social media. This news is spreading like fire and making a great buzz on the internet. This falling incident took place on Wednesday 12 April and this news attracts the interest of many people and netiznes many want to know more information related to this incident, so we made an article and shared the complete information about this falling incident and also talk about some more details related to this incident.

two women

As per the exclusive reports and information, a woman who is not identified yet was fallen from a building and fall on another female pedestrian and now they both are in serious or critical condition. This incident took place at around 4:50 pm on Wednesday 12 April 2023 near the Mall shopping center in High Roads, Wood Green. After this falling incident, the paramedics, and police arrive at the incident spot and rushed them to a hospital. The woman was injured seriously after falling from the high building in High Road, Wood Green. Scroll down and read to know more information related to this incident.

Two Women in Critical Condition

According to the police statements, police were called by the London Ambulance Service at around 4:50 pm on the day of the incident and take action after getting a report of a woman’s fall, one more woman was also injured in this incident. They were both immediately taken to the hospital for the treatment of their injuries where they both are still in serious condition. It is coming out that they both are not identified yet and there is no information available related to their personal life or their family members. There is an investigation has begun and this investigation is ongoing but not much information has been shared related to her.

This news is now running in trends or at the top of the internet and social media where many social media users share their reactions towards this incident. It is said that someone pushed her from the high rooftop of a high building and there are many rumors also flowing on the internet that explain the different stories of her death but not much information has been shared yet. Police didn’t shared much information related to this incident and not much information is coming out related to this incident.


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