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Tydus Talbott’s Mom Arrested | Why Corey Struve Arrested Explained?


A social media influencer arrested news getting viral and creating a buzz all over the net. Her son also rises to social media. Yes, we are talking about the social media influencer Corey Struve Talbott of Trave, and Cor is best known for her role on their family youtube channel. Why did Tysudus’s mom got arrested? people are curious and eager to know what was the reason for arresting and if it is true or only just a rumor to letting her reputation down. To know more about this case please read the whole article.

The person we are talking about who is arrested is Corey Struve Talbott was arrested on 15 January 2023 Sunday near Pebble Beach, Calif. Travis Talbott was born on 23 May 1982, and Corey Talbott on 17 January 1985 better known online as Trav and Cor are an American Youtube channel from Monterey, California who occasionally upload of their videos of their children and daily lives.

Tydus Talbott's Mom Arrested explained

Her son is also risen to social media fame as a mini jake paul and started a musical career in 2019. Corey went aggressive when she was told to return to her hotel room. Actually, Corey drank alcohol in the bar to celebrate her birthday which is near to golf house but she went aggressive when she asked to return to her room in the Hotel.

Why Corey Struve Arrested Explained?

Corey was arrested when she denied to return to her room and charged with many allegations that she did. Corey was arrested because of the allegation and charged with Public Intoxication, Resisting arrest pedestrian on the roadway, and battery on a peace officer. Also when one police officer tried to her to return to the room she was uncooperative and kicked the officer.

Corey did not resist the arrests and was slammed to the floor in handcuffs without her Miranda Rights being read to her. Even she neglected that she did not do this to the officers and kept the retained legal counsel and her attorney also said that I am concerned about how much aggression was used against my client while she was handcuffed.

My concern at this point is about Corey’s well-being and her injuries are currently being cataloged by a medical specialist including head-to-toe bruising, numbness, and loss of mobility to her left arm. However, she is not currently in jail and makes the contents with her family as normal, and no comments and statements she said on her arrested news.


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