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Tyren Church Car Accident: US Soldier and a resident of EL CCTV Footage Explained!


We have to inform you with a saddened heart that a US Soldier and a resident of EL, Paso was deceased unexpectedly. US soldier Tyren Church is no longer with us and this news comes out it is like a shockwave for the residents and people who are with him and for his family. As we cannot imagine how his family feels now and how they are doing. As for parents, their child is everything to them. They wished that this would not happen. But we are proud of him also as he was serving his country. To know more about him scroll down the page and continue to read.

Tyren Church Car Accident

The person we are talking about was a US soldier who deceased was Tyre Mlik Church. He was a native of AlabamaTyren Church was a native of Auburn, Alabama who lived in El Paso, Texas. He graduated from Troy University. He was so a kind and pure-hearted person. He loves his younger brother and sister and loves to spend time with his Nephew and Uncle. He was a friend to many people he met and made a positive impact on the lives of those he did so.

Tyren Church Car Accident

what is the death of his reason and what cause is his death? According to the reports, Tyren Church was involved in a terrible car accident. Tyren passed away due to a Car accident and police identified that he was responsible for his accident by checking his condition before the tragedy whether he drink alcohol or drugs and if he was speeding over. A police investigation is continuing to find other evidence, proof, and information Meanwhile, one person was found injured in that deadly accident and identified as Tylan Morgan. any other confirmation is not disclosed yet.

There is no other information related to this case. If any official statement comes out we will inform you so stay sticky with us. Many condolence and praise sending to him and to his family. Many people wished that this would not happen to him. Keep praying for Tyren that wherever he will be lives in peace. This condolence is given by his cousin thatTyren had a Beautiful Spirit. “Speechless right now R.I.P. cuz Tyren Malik you left too soon. My cousin had the most beautiful smile ever. Every time I saw him he would always be smiling. Priscilla Davis also gives solace to him and his family. Our condolence to you and your family.


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